What's in a name? To cap? Or not cap “black”? Oh no! Oh really? Oh what? I pass Pop your mind
Welcome home!
We were assigned a race along with a gender and given first, middle and last names.
Race as home
But we are more than races, genders and given names. Race has become a psychological home.
Race as prison
But the home of “race” also is a prison. Here we explore how to shore up family while pulling down walls of confinement.
What's new?
Many people alter their names and some their gender. We can alter traits assigned to racial “types” too. Many people do.
Comfy cozy
A familiar space furnished with our own cherished cultures. Most families are content to stay put.
Undivided consciousness
"(Free) language from its sometimes sinister, frequently lazy, almost always predictable, employment of racially informed and determined chains." Toni Morrison
Who am I? Who are we?
An open-ended exploration that begins with the question, "Should 'black' be capitalized?"
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What We Do
 Make wider waves
Encourage people to think outside the category of race while addressing its consequences
 Use lowercase black as race-neutral ID
Explain generic black ID style in relation to developing more specific, personal and collective IDs
 Continue Discussion
Continue discussion that the Associated Press and other news organizations began when they decided that black should be capped
From our supporter
Every one considers the b/Black capping question from a predetermined angle because the consideration is based just as much in personal experience as in logic. Some black writers keep black low because that minimalist style relaxes fixed primary identities based on physical characteristics and/or they feel simplicity inclines closer to truth. Others express what's important to them writ large and/or to respect black people; they advocate capping. The resolution: style guides should allow flexible black case usage.
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Our fundamental self
18 Jun, 2021
From our articles
Racial IDs should not be imposed
What to call oneself and one’s people should be individually and collectively determined.
Guiding principle